Genetic Markers Identify Skin Tones for Accurate Cosmetic Matching

Studies show genetics makes up 80% of skin tone color. Environment and other conditions contribute the remaining 20%.  That 20% can change with blood flow to the skin, tanning or other environmental conditions that are often transient.

Determining a person’s DNA tested skin color gives a durable, precise, accurate and lifetime color palate.  How valuable is that to both the consumer and the cosmetic company! It allows the cosmetic company to accurately target subsets of populations with confidence the cosmetics will match the skin type.

Beauty Gene Combines DNA Markers with Database Technology

Beauty Gene looks at the specific markers that affect skin pigmentation along with global population markers and environmental interactions. Opens the door for establishing a proprietary database that would revolutionize color matching in the beauty industry.

Currently Beauty Gene checks 90 DNA markers that target the skin. Lab tests show these distinct markers best characterize both skin color genes and geographic ancestry markers. Beauty Gene then checks them against a proprietary data base to determine the matching skin tone.

Cost Effective and Rapid
Since genetic testing uses plates that hold 96 markers, it makes this a remarkably cost effective and rapid system. Beauty Gene enables fast genotyping of multiple samples because of the moderate number of markers needed to obtain results. Beauty Gene determines the underlying genetic coloring and it also reveals skin characteristics such as oily or dry, rough or smooth. Once this is established, cosmetic companies can adjust the formulas for environment, creating blends for all seasons. This invites customers to set up reoccurring orders for more loyalty and revenues.

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