Find the Right Cosmetic Color for Every Skin Type Every Time

Imagine the ability to perfectly match the skin tone of any customer!  Someone from India, Japan, Kenya, Brazil, or any of the blended ethnicities of the United States. You always have the cosmetics that match their skin tone and you know the ideal accent colors for eyes, blush, and lips. That is truly beauty in every shade and an absolute market advantage.

Women struggle to find the right foundation color and 70% say they simply can’t find one that works for them.  94% of women have used the wrong color foundation and 85% have to go back, again and again, searching for the right color.  It’s a costly guessing game that leads to customer dissatisfaction and frustration.

Find your DNA Beauty Signature

Now Beauty Gene offers a novel way to accurately match a woman’s skin tone to the right foundation and other beauty products. We are re-inventing the way woman buy cosmetics by utilizing DNA testing and matching, thanks to our DNA Beauty Signature that enables recognition of the different genetic underpinnings of skin pigment and color.

Women use a cheek swab, fill out a brief questionnaire, and send it off.  Beauty Gene identifies 90 genetic markers specifically keyed to skin pigment and quality. This allows for personalized cosmetic products— almost like today’s paint mixing technology.

Imagine you wanted to match an existing paint color on a wall. Would you get swatches and make your best guess?  This is how most women select their cosmetics colors.  A woman who wants to uncover her natural beauty chooses cosmetics that bring out her skin tone;  We give women a custom color match every time for every skin tone.  We choose that color from the women’s own genetic code for the absolute perfect match!

They no longer need in-store trial-and-error to find a product that works for them.  They can have complete trust in online buying.

Create Satisfied Customers

Since the demand for contouring makeup products is expanding, the DNA Beauty Signature will help cosmetic companies confidently recommend additional products that will match their clients’ skin tone. Not only contouring, but also skin care tinting, lip color, eye shading, and even hair color alternatives could be matched.

Now cosmetic companies can create cosmetics that women will love and use. They can:

  • Increase Customer Retention through providing a foundation that is DNA matches to customer’s profile, promoting a one of a kind experience that will surely invite customers back for recurring purchases
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction as cosmetics match and women feel attractive
  • Increase Online Sales by providing an option for women to have confidence in purchasing a foundation online that they will 100% be satisfied with because the technology is a scientific matching process to help customers achieve the perfect match
  • Match Every Skin Type so cosmetic companies can expand into markets before not cost effective. They can easily delve into foreign and niche markets and quickly break into large populations of underserved women
  • Cost Saving is achieved from this technology achieving higher accuracy with skin matches that will directly result in fewer mistakes and overall wasted time and money from both the consumers and the companies point of view
  • Multi-cultural. Companies can reduce discrimination by easily and effectively creating make up for all nationalities

Beauty Gene can create an industry standard of color categories that may allow women to choose across cosmetic companies. However, it’s more likely women will become loyal to the first brand that understands their coloring and supplies cosmetics that ideally match their skin tones.

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